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Welcome to our church blog! Staff members and elders will be blogging about current events from a Christian perspective, expanding on our weekly message, or just simply talking about interesting items we feel could be relevant to your Christian walk. Check back often and feel free to leave us a comment on each entry! God Bless!

The Music Dude - #1
July 18, 2013

Hey friends- I guess it’s my turn to post a blog here at NWCC.  As the “music dude”, the assumption would be that I would go directly to the Psalms and talk about something that was all poetic, flowery, feel-goody (not a word, but oh well), and generally musical.  Not today, friends.  I’m going to take you directly into the wide and weird world known as “my mind.”  Watch yourself.  It’s not necessarily the prettiest place in the world, and it’s quite dangerous.  You may get lost.  Keep all arms and legs ... read more
Out of the Overflow #2 - Pastor Jay
July 11, 2013

A Different Slant on the Good Samaritan Have you ever had one of those moments while reading a familiar bible story where something jumps out at you that you’ve literally never seen before?  Maybe you’ve even done a double take, thinking to yourself, “Wait, when did that get put in there?” I’d bet most of us have had at least one of those experiences before.  Many of us have probably had lots of those experiences before.  I was talking to one of our staff members today about one such experience I had. Most people have heard the story of the Go ... read more
Jason's Jibberish
July 03, 2013

What a summer so far!!  It has been busy, it has been crazy and it has been fun.  But most importantly, it has been a spiritual renewal for me!  Why do I share this with you?  Well let me begin. In the month of June, I have been a part of Vacation Bible School, a half-week of camp for First Timers, a full week of camp with high schoolers, and a week of much-needed vacation at the beach.  With the month of June behind me, I am now preparing myself for a trip to Indianapolis to serve those in need with the EPIC Student Ministry and a trip with the high schoolers to C ... read more
Out of the Overflow #1 - Pastor Jay
June 27, 2013

I have discovered over the years that I really don’t like moving.  For the most part, it’s just one big headache.  There are so many little details that require attention.  Addresses need to be changed, bank accounts need to be opened and closed, boxes need to be packed, moved and then unpacked.  Not to mention the financial strain of living in two places all while trying to sell a house...   Ok, so maybe that one is a little personal to my situation, but all in all moving is difficult.  People who study such things rank moving as one of the top thr ... read more